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Love and Friendship

A guest post
Copyright © 2013 by Jeaniel David

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Alexis was the type of guy who'd make you curious about his personality once you saw him at school, especially if he becomes a part of your class. He was a loner, always serious, and doesn't talk too much. Whenever someone would try to talk to him he would only answer with one or two words, or sometimes would just use body gestures. He was a very unique person; weird and mysterious to everyone; especially to Stella, the girl you'd love to hate for being too quirky if you were like Alexis. She's also the girl who shows interest the most to Alexis. Stella was always in a good mood and she would always have something positive to say. Whenever someone would ask her how she was doing, she would reply, Good as always! I could hug everyone in this room if only there wasn't any humility left in me, oh wait I remembered, there kinda wasn't cracking a little joke. Then she'd probably hug you tight if you'd go near her. She would do silly things just to make everyone feel happy, even if she humiliates herself in front of everyone. You could call her too manic and probably she is the happy-go-lucky girl in school.

Stella loves making friends with everyone. She feels like she could make everyone in school her friends. The first day of school of her college year she already noticed Alexis, she felt so attracted to him. Approaching Alexis would be like the greatest challenge for her in making friends because of his snobbish appearance. Yet, she couldn't easily walk near him because whenever he's in the room everyone would look at him and talk about how mysterious he looks and how such a loner he is. Walking to him would be like making everyone notices you and talk about how thick-faced you are.

Stella planned to talk to Alexis every time she thinks about him. Unfortunately for her, Stella only has one class with Alexis in it. So she was having a hard time trying to find a perfect time to approach him. And whenever he's in there, Stella would just probably freeze as she walks closer right through him.

One day Jessica, a close friend of Stella, went talking about Alexis and how happy she is for being able to talk to him the other day. Stella was shocked, a little jealous but happy for Jessica. Jessica is head over heals for Alexis, she writes his name on her notebook and draws heart with it, she even talks about him all the time and how excited she is to see him every morning she wakes up and go to school. Stella grew more hopeless to get near Alexis, Especially seeing how happy Jessica is from being able to get near him. So she gave up, she got depressed and disappointed about not being able to show Alexis the kind of person she is.

One night, Stella was surfing the net, she was really disturbed about Alexis because she really is interested in him and somehow feels something unexplainable about Alexis. Wanting to be able to free herself from the pressure she feels, she turned over the net and posted on her Facebook status: You just couldn't acquire everything you happen to desire all the time.

After a few seconds someone commented on her status, she went to view it, and when she did, a big surprise came to her seeing Alexis' name before the comment: Aww... that's too emo, joking! Hahaha, hey I'm a classmate of yours from the Ecomics class, familiar? I saw you playing for the college intrams, I think you were great. Can we be friends?

Stella was shocked on how friendly he sounded in his comment but felt really happy at the same time, she could feel her heart jumping. Then, she replied: Sure! There's nothing wrong with making friends right? Anyway nice meeting you.

Then again, Alexis replied: Good luck on your game, I hope you could win for our college.

Then Stella: Yeah I hope so too.

Then they chatted for a little while till Alexis asked for Stella's number and started texting her. They became friends but only in chatting and texting, whenever they were in school they both get shy to initiate who's going to go first and start a conversation.

Time passed about 2 months they never talked in person but only smiled at each other at school. Yet, they felt so close when chatting and texting. After sometime, they have decided to meet up and watch a movie and eat dinner. Stella did her best to look good for the date, and when she arrived at the meeting place, she saw Alexis with two girls beside him. She walked right to him excited and nervous at the same time. Alexis introduced his the two girls to Stella, they went to watch the movie with them and after awhile the girls went off and left Alexis and Stella alone together. After watching the movie, they went to eat in a semi-formal restaurant. but after awhile Alexis went to say goodbye to Stella because his home was too far from the city, he would have to travel and catch the last jeepney on the way home.

The other day at school, Stella went to talk to Jessica about her making friends with Alexis. Jessica got jealous and mad on Stella and called her a man stealer. Stella was shocked and sad about Jessica's words. They did not talk to each other anymore for a long while. Then, Alexis kept on getting close to Stella at school and everywhere she goes. Alexis liked Stella because he feels that Stella would be the one who could make him smile and feel happy every time he feels sad; Alexis always feels sad all the time because of peer pressures and the depressions he feels with his family. But because of the ruined friendship of Stella and Jessica, Stella decided not to talk to Alexis anymore; not only that, it's also because the past few days, Alexis had been talking about her ex girlfriend to Stella, then again, Stella started feeling down because she liked Alexis more than as a friend. Having those reasons, she went away and never talked to Alexis. After a few days, Alexis came to Stella and asked:"Are you avoiding me?", then Stella answered: "No, I was just kinda busy with all the studies and projects and homework and... I have to go, I wouldn't want to be late from my next class.bye!" Stella ran straight to the girls comfort room, Alexis chased on her and waited for her to come out of the comfort room. Stella new she was trapped, so what she did is climb up over the window out. The girls in the CR kept looking at her but she didn't care, as long as she could get out of there without getting seen by Alexis.

Alexis asked the girls from the comfort room who went outside after seeing Stella escaped if they saw her there, then they told him that she went over the window of the comfort room to escape, Alexis started running and chased over Stella to the gate, when Stella saw him coming, she jumped right to the jeep without waiting it stop for her to come up, so that Alexis wouldn't be able to chase after her, but he did. He ran as fast as he could and jumped to the jeepney. Stella decided not to stop the Jeepney in their house to lose Alexis, but still she couldn't. Stella did lots of stupid things to lose Alexis and to make him feel turned-off over her, she did every foolish things she could for her friend, but still she liked Alexis and cannot deny to herself what she feels, though she wanted to forget. So she talked to Jessica, apologized and told her everything she feels about their situation; Jessica forgave her and understood Alexis and Stella's feeling for each other, they became good friends again, while Alexis and Stella ended up in a relationship for about a year and three months from now.

-Jeaniel David

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