Saturday, July 11, 2015

Confessions of a Novice Nun

(Part I of the Pure and Damned Trilogy)
A Novel and Guest post by Trisha Cuarts
Editor: Fran S. Walsh, U.S.A.

* * *

Confessions of a Novice Nun: A Novel
Ethan West, aka "Russian Roulette", is a hired killer, with a dangerous streak. Amethyst Fay Reed, orphaned, novice nun, was raised in the Cathedral as a devote Catholic. One chance encounter would change everything they know of the world and of themselves.

As Amy learns more about Ethan, she finds herself developing feelings for him that she never has felt before.

However, she knows that being with him would entail facing his high risk world whilst abandoning her responsibilities.

Is she ready to step out of her safe, albeit sheltered, world to embrace the perilous one from Ethan’s? Just how much is she willing to sacrifice to be with him? And how far is she willing to go to save his tortured soul without losing hers in the process?

An angel saving him from his demons. A pathless monster finding a blinding creature guiding him out of his murky way.

A tug of war, and heart, between the pure and the damned.

* * *

Author's Note
Hi everyone reading this blog!

My good friend Jay Calicdan talked me into being a guest author in here. I am truly thrilled that I have this opportunity to share the little story that I have created. I hope you will be as ecstatic (or at least delighted) to enter the world of nuns and guns which I created. And even before you have read it, I'd like to thank you for at least taking a short time to read these superfluous words. A few things to take note before you read my story:

"Confessions of a Novice Nun" is originally a Twilight Fanfiction story (without the vampires and the teenagers and... I guess everything you're used with, or at least familiar with, the Twilight world) entitled "The Revelations of an Innocent Mind." But since then, I have decided to publish it in the succeeding months. So, you won't be reading any Bella or Edward here: instead, you'll get Amy and Ethan (just like an innocent version of Fifty Shades of Grey).

(You can still look for the Twilight Fanfiction version by typing the title in google, if you want). Currently, it is still under the process of editing by my other good friend, mentor and professional editor, Fran S. Walsh, from USA.

However, I reckon not all of you are Twilight fans. Therefore, before my first book gets out, I decided to give Jay my roughly edited draft.

And because I will publish it in the future, I asked Jay to remove it WHEN I do publish it, for copyright issues. Right now, feel free to enjoy my draft. I hope you will understand my stipulation (and I know you'll do, for you are understanding and well-rounded persons).

I have spoken to two friends influential to this story: one is a novice nun, and the other is part of the international organized crime group. They helped me mold my characters, and I used their experiences as references for the flow of the story.

I wrote this story during the toughest time of my life. And so I dedicate this to my loving - if not strict - Mom, now pain-free in heaven.

And before you'll all read it, I'd like to impart you with my favorite quote from my character, Amy:

"Strength is a set of mind; a conscious choice when weakness is all that's left in you. It is a mask for which we delude ourselves into thinking 'we can do it', when we're at our utmost limit and when it seems like we can't. We must sometimes fool ourselves into thinking that we can be strong, otherwise, how can we face each challenge of our days?

Strength is the only thing left when weakness clouds everything. 

It is a trick of the mind. 

It is the shield of the heart."

Hope you'll find your strength for your every battle, too.

Thanking you for your time,
Trisha Cuarts

* * *

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned:

I, Amethyst Fay Reed, have fallen in love.

I, Amethyst Fay Reed, a novice nun, have fallen in love with a murderer.

I don’t deem falling in love as a sin, nor do I deem falling in love with a murderer sinful at all. But I wanted to say my confession; I wanted you to listen to me; I wanted you to guide me…

Please, don’t easily judge me.

For I know that there is something peculiar about the way Ethan West looks at me. I couldn't put a name on it but it is as if his cold-stoned emerald eyes have seen just too much and yet too little. I fascinate him: that much I could claim. Just the way he acts around me is enough indication that for him, I am a refreshing change.

He has the most tortured eyes I've seen, as though he has suffered a thousand years of agony. But when he would sometimes look at me, his eyes would suddenly exude a calmness, a serenity, as though he was a blind man for so long and was seeing the light for the first time.

I wanted to help him; like how I've always dreamed of helping others; like how I've always prayed to God.

But ... how?

There's only one way to find out ... if this wouldn't kill me.

I, Amethyst Fay Reed, a novice nun, have fallen in love with Ethan West, a murderer.

And this is the first of my confessions.

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